We specialise in developing and delivering a wide range of high-quality real estate projects with a focus on improving our customers’ lifestyle quality

UOA Group specialises in developing and delivering a wide range of high-quality real estate projects with a focus on improving our customers’ lifestyle quality. We show our strong commitment by offering exceptional products, and services that meet high levels of customer satisfaction through our excellent engineering experience and in-depth understanding of the market.


We utilise our core engineering experience and apply international standards in developing our projects

Supported by strong and experienced in-house construction, engineering and architectural teams, UOA is recognised for its professionalism and excellence in major aspects of project development including construction, architectural design, M&E, landscaping, security, facilities, and hospitality management.

UOA Vietnam is committed to following in its parent company’s footsteps in delivering customer-focused experiences. We strive to be the leading real estate developer, always delivering quality projects that exceed customers’ expectations. Our services include project planning, construction, design, engineering, landscaping and security systems.


Our strategy is to invest in good quality commercial and residential assets in prime, high-return growth areas

With a desire to generate high returns for investors, UOA concentrates on quality assets, including both residential and commercial properties, to provide customers with the most exceptional real estate solutions. Our extensive portfolio includes the UOA REIT (UOA Real Estate Investment Trust) which aims to own and invest in real estate, as well as construct its own real estate.

We are gradually proving our position and value to clients who have placed their trust in UOA Group by the quality of service that we have been providing. Find out more about what we have to offer and see the value that we can create for your investment portfolio.

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Our team has experience in providing appropriate management strategies

Known as one of the largest office owners in Malaysia, UOA is always focused on working processes and customer experience, thereby drawing the best solutions for both parties. We have an in-house dedicated team that is well-trained to manage and implement appropriate management strategies, depending on the scale of the project; selecting and applying standards to establish the most efficient management procedures; providing optimal and comprehensive solutions to protect and improve property value; and reducing operating costs.


We provide international standard office spaces and outstanding property management services to our customers

UOA Vietnam’s vision is to provide international standard office spaces and outstanding property management services to our customers. Located in the most vibrant commercial areas with well-connected infrastructure and transportation, we focus on building facilities and services with the aim to create an environment that inspires work-life balance and encourages productivity at work. Designed to achieve high-tech requirements as well as Green Mark criteria, we offer a sustainable and comfortable working environment to our business clients.


UOA Hospitality is an essential component of UOA Group. The management and operational capabilities of UOA Hospitality are exemplified by the success of our projects that are developed and managed in Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur. With unparalleled designs boasting exquisite aesthetics, we proudly present a diverse range of products, including hotels, serviced apartments, office spaces, and conference & event centers. At UOA, we prioritize understanding the desires of our customers based on the most fundamental individual needs, ensuring a tailored and fulfilling experience when they engage with our projects.

Driven by a visionary long-term strategy, we are now embarking on a journey to establish new benchmarks in Vietnam’s hospitality industry. The promising prospects arising from a developing economy, coupled with the eagerness to embrace the unique values cherished by customers both domestically and internationally provide an exciting opportunity for our skilled and passionate team at UOA Hospitality to thrive.

We are delighted to bring our distinctive values to the Vietnamese market, and firmly believe that this strategic move will leave a lasting mark for UOA Hospitality.

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